• Sal Maiorana

Coming Soon: The Last Dynasty - Yankees 1996-2000

As part of the re-launch to my sports history website, I will be compiling a new anthology that will focus on baseball's last dynasty, the epic run of the New York Yankees between 1996 and 2000 when Joe Torre guided the Bombers to four World Series championships.

Much has been written about that era in Yankees history, and my goal will be to cull through all the information and reporting and present it here in a continuing series that will recount the greatest games, moments, and performances from those five seasons.

Unlike the rest of the content that is available on the site, this project will not be date sensitive, and there will not be a set schedule for when the posts are released. It will merely be a chronological compendium of events beginning with the start of the 1996 season and carrying forward through the final pitch of the 2000 Subway Series victory over the New York Mets.

I hope those of you who are Yankees fans, or perhaps are simply baseball fans in general, will enjoy the trip back in time which is always the mission statement at Salmaiorana.com.